Tuesday Shoes day...

For those of you that follow my iStyle Facebook page or that know me personally will know that I am obsessed with shoes. So it is no surprise that my 1st blog would be about shoes, but it is a little deeper than that....


I firmly believe that shoes are the “Soul / Sole” of your outfit, it brings your personality out, your style staple.

2 women can wear the exact same outfit but the shoes will always be different this says something about your style personality.

Recently I came across a quote by the one and only world famous shoe designer - Brian Atwood
“We are all born naked. It’s the shoes that set us apart!” 

I thought this quote very interesting as this clearly states my believe, you have people that dress for comfort, people like me that suffers in silence because I will wear the shoe that compliments my outfit best no matter the discomfort or consequences. I usually have the blisters to prove it....

Because fashion and style are all about self expression your shoes say a whole lot about you, including your social status because not all of us can afford the “red soles”.

At the end of the day what you wear is instant language, I started from the bottom with shoes and will work my way up, much like life.

I will write blogs on a weekly basis about all things fabulous Fashion and eternally Stylish, because that is what I do...iStyle! But I will always be a Wife and “Fabumom” 1st, so expect glimpses about that too, because the one can’t be without the other, keeping the balance, in sky high stilettos most of the time, my World!  #BalancingAct #istyle #fabumom #stiletto #itsintheheel #styling #mysole #myworld

“Empowering women, one wardrobe at a time” – Anja Cruse-Bothma.

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